The crew of the ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror consists of 130 men. Some of the ships' officers had daguerreotype made before setting sail. Look in those courageous faces and choose your role.


List of Roles

Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin (59 years old, non-playable character)

  • A trusted captain.
  • An intelligent and charismatic naval officer loved by his men.
  • Some believe that he is too old to lead the voyage.

Captain Francis R. M.Crozier (Captain of Erebus, 48 years old)

  • An Irishman who rose to the ranks through hard work and commitment.
  • He joined the navy when he was 13.
  • He is a veteran of many arctic expeditions. He is a friend with James Reid.
  • He is short-tempered.

Commander James Fitzjames (32 years old)

  • An illegitimate son of an unknown aristocrat.
  • A well-educated and charismatic naval officer.
  • He had to work hard and perform brave deeds to assume his position.
  • His position in society is often challenged due to his illegitimacy.
  • A friend of S. Stanley's, they served together in navy (during Opium Wars in China)

Lieutenant W. Fairholme (24 years old)

  • A witty Englishman known for his sense of humour.
  • A smart and agreeable companion.
  • An optimistic person who sees hope in even the grimmest of moments.
  • Mr Osmer's card-playing companion.
  • He is at odds with Lt. Gore. They rarely agree with one another.

Lieutenant Graham Gore (39 years old)

  • An Englishman who served in the navy since he was 14.
  • Franklin's protege.
  • He is a deeply religious man.
  • He knows some of marines serving on the ships and seems to have some influence over them.
  • He is at odds with Lt. Fairholme. They rarely agree with one another.

Charles H. Osmer (Paymaster Purser, 46 years old)

  • A very conscientious man, he takes all his duties seriously.
  • He oversees money-related matters; he is in charge of resources including food rations.
  • He is very good with numbers, a very practically oriented man.
  • He has a wife and children waiting for him at home.
  • Lt Fairholme's card-playing companion.

James Reid (Ice Master, 45 years old)

  • One of the few Scotsmen in the crew.
  • An experienced veteran of many Arctic expeditions. A person with a very practical mind.
  • A friend of Captain Crozier's.
  • A somewhat rough and unpolished person but he is ultimately good-hearted.
  • He is in charge of navigating ships through ice and clearing ice from ships' path if necessary.
  • He has a wife waiting for him at home.

Harry D. S. Goodsir (Assistant Surgeon, 25 years old)

  • A Scottish physician and naturalist from a family with a deep tradition of medical practice.
  • A keen scholar who has already published his theories regarding anatomy and cell-theory.
  • A true humanist with a heart of gold who cares deeply for his patients.
  • He is a religious man.

Stephen S. Stanley (Surgeon, 37 years old)

  • Mr Goodsir's superior, chief medical doctor of the expedition.
  • He is a self-confident man and a friend of J. Fitzjames'. They served together in the navy; he operated on him and removed a bullet from his arm.
  • He is a very pragmatic man and his patients sometimes seem to be only piles of flesh to him.
  • He has a wife and a son waiting for him at home.
Some of the brave officers of the expedition.