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You are about to start the game. You will have approximately 90 minutes to go through all the situations/dilemmas — a solution is to be chosen from the options provided. A simple majority of all the officers is needed to carry out the desired option. Make sure you discuss the moral and practical aspects of the options you are considering.

You should spend 5 minutes on average on each issue (some problems will be more straightforward for you than others). There are approximately 15—18 decisions to be made (it varies based on your choices). The structure of the activity resembles a gamebook; each choice you make has an impact on the story.

Three important indicators show the current state of your crew — food, morale and sanity. If any of these indicators get very low or even drops to zero, your expedition is in serious problems.

If you are very lucky and all the officers agree on most of the points, it is worth trying to play a devil's advocate; in other words, you assume a different viewpoint (an opposing one) and ask curious questions that might cast a different light on the issues. It might help you and your team see the story from a different perspective.

When the very last decision is made, the app will redirect you to a video ending based on your choices. The game is difficult to beat but it is definitely worth trying. Think more about living through the story than winning the game and enjoy the adventure to the fullest!

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