The Town of Grimfield...

...was a little town in Northumberland (the very north of England). Some say it is fictional but I say it is merely forgotten nowadays. For you, however, it is very real - it is your home.

The town is actually small but very proud. It does not have more than 1000 inhabitants but it has a great privilege compared to the other villages in the area - it has a public market. Furthermore it has an old but majestic town hall, an ancient parish church and stone town walls (even though some parts are crumbling down). The town is famous for high quality gloves that are made by local glovers and sold in Newcastle, York or even London. Furthermore, some say that the wool of our sheep is the finest in the country. Recently, the local grammar school has risen in prominence and it is regarded as one of the best in the shire.


Town Council

Let me introduce to you the people who sit at the town council (it is you, dear players):

  • Mayor - A retired kingĀ“s commander living in the town with his family, a knighted man to be addressed as Sir (Dame if it is a woman).
  • Priest - A kind and well-educated man and he is a minister of the Church of England. He lives in the town with his wife and 3 children.
  • Justice of the Peace - An official dealing with minor crimes (judging them), a member of the local government, a very strict and rational gentleman.
  • Wool Merchant - A rich and powerful gentleman (title) with many ties in the shire. A very pragmatic person.
  • School Master - A well-educated scholar who runs a local grammar school, he is also a minister in the Church of England.
  • Famous Glover - A local widowed craftsman and businessman whose workshop is renown throughout Northumbria.
  • Young Gentleman (lady) - A young minor "aristocrat" (landed gentry) who has just returned back home from his travels around Europe (the Grand Tour). Single with promising future.
  • Longest Serving Alderman - An old member of the assembly who has served in the local government for 40 years, a successful merchant and money-lender. Numerous members of his (her) family live in the town as well (including his (her) grandchildren).