Around the Year 1665

Our dear King Charles II. returned to the throne 5 years ago (the act is known as the Restoration) and ended some terrible times - the English Civil War and its aftermath - a brief period when our country had been a republic. The Church of England (the head of the church is the king) is well -established and strongly favoured by the state but there are tensions within the church. The Parliament is a major force in the kingdom and could not be simply overlooked by the king. Many great discoveries have been recently made and the era of scientific revolution is gaining momentum.The age of Renaissance is considered to be over in England. The Baroque aesthetics are yet to be appreciated in our Kingdom.

However most people in England are interested in different things - their livelihood. People are getting less superstitious but they are still very much afraid of unholy powers. Most of the people work in agriculture.

What is happening...

  • King Charles II. is on the English throne (he is also the king of Scotland and Ireland) and he is probably throwing another party.
  • England is at war with the Netherlands and we are on the winning side.
  • Isaac Newton is currently studying in Cambridge and he is 22 years old.
  • John Locke, a great philosopher of this time is probably formulating some of his ideas that are yet to be published. He is 33 years old.)

Did you know?

  • The population of England is roughly 5 million people.
  • London has about 350 000 inhabitants making it by far the biggest city in England.
  • For comparison Norwich has approximately 30 000 people and it is considered to be one of the most populated cities in England.
  • 50 % of people are "so well-off" that they can have meat everyday.
  • Our King has had more than 10 illegitimate children throughout his life (he was a real party animal).