Current Issues and Projects

The board of directors has to decide what issues of “The Company” are matter of life and death and which other projects should be developed. You do not start empty handed - you have got 100 resources, but you have to think carefully where to invest, and what is more, how much. Spend your resources wisely.

Note: It is a good idea to get familiar with all the issues your comapny has to face and know something about all the projects you can support. Make preferences (base them on your role in the company management if possible). Do not discuss them with your fellow directors yet, this will be done in the actual speaking part. Only then and after you all agree on how to spend your resources, you will have a possibility to present it to the CEO (fill in a form) and see whether you invested well or not and what are the outcomes. If any new issues arise, the CEO will definitely let you know.

List of Issues and Projects to Be Tackled in Stage 1

  1. “The Company” has been accused by its customers that “The Product” is harmful. The lawsuit is far from an end.

    This is not true! We must hire good lawyers to defend us and prove that we are right.

  2. “The Company’s” image has been damaged in the eyes of the public; money and a good idea are needed to repair the image.

    We must invest heavily to ensure that people see us in better light. Maybe a series of charitable events or ...

  3. How about a new advertising campaign to promote “The Product”? How much will you invest?

    Advertising is the key! We must launch a brand new campaign; we need to hire famous people for the ads, we need a striking idea, maybe even a new slogan. It must be huge!

  4. Are your accounts in a good shape? Would you invest in a financial audit done by a specialized company? How much?

    This is our top priority, trust me. We need to hire experts to check the state of our finance. Imagine that there were serious errors in the taxes we paid to the government!

  5. Your competition is headhunting for your top managers; will you increase salaries and benefits of your managers? How much will you invest?

    We simply need the best workforce possible. Of course we’ve got them now but we might lose them if they are not paid properly. This is a serious issue!

  6. Your workers in logistics and production are dissatisfied with their income; they are threatening you with a strike. Would you raise their wages?

    We cannot afford to have workers on strike. We promised them pay rise; we should not play with fire and turn their demands down.

  7. You might need to invest in new trucks to ensure smooth transportation of goods. How much will it be?

    Transportation is very important! We need our product to be delivered to customers and retailers in time.

  8. Your IT network needs maintenance and innovation to meet the latest security standards.

    IT security is not a joke! We need to make our network top secure again, hardware is old and software is outdated. We must invest heavily.

  9. “The Product” is becoming outdated. You need to invest in development and come up with new features your customers will like.

    We must remain ahead of our competition. We need more funds in research and development because it is crucial.