Play the Game

You are about to start the game. You will have 90 minutes to decide on 2 sets of issues. In the first stage, you need to deal with 9 already presented issues and assign percentage of your resources to individual projects. You should not spend more than 60 minutes on dealing with the issues. The in-game timer will help you to keep the track of the time.

In the second stage there will be some more issues you need to take care of. You should spend approximately 30 more minutes considering these.

The interactive form will guide you through the whole game, provide you with help and give you feedback on your performance including the final judgement of the CEO. A chairperson should take care of assigning resources into the appropriate slots in the form and executing them. Anyone with a password can watch the progress but once the stage is over you cannot change your decision (you can only go through the outcomes). We suggest that the chairperson shares his screen with other participants so they can check on him and track progress of their session.

Enter the password that was given to you to start the session...

Note: Please use an up-to-date version of any of the major browsers to avoid problems with the form.